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What can the POWER of

do for you?

National Produce Solutions is a national network of privately held fresh produce supply partners including:

• Growers  • Shippers  • Processors

• Re-packers  • Distributors

Strategically located around the United States, the NPS members have all successfully been in the produce business for decades with stellar reputations and financial stability. This network strategically supports and supplies multiple food segments,  providing a breadth of produce knowledge across all channels. Individually excellent and collectively brilliant, NPS is the answer to your complex produce needs.

NPS offers free consultations to evaluate your produce supply process. We will create solutions

for your business through customized sourcing programs and logistics services.

NPS offers:

Experience and Expertise

  • NPS members have over 300 years of  growing and
    handling expertise in all aspects of the produce business, we understand the deliverables
  • Experience in marketing and merchandising produce throughout all channels of distribution



  • Established national repacking network
  • Manage multiple distributors and markets
  • Customized pricing programs
  • Leaders in technology and innovation



  • Long standing direct grower relationships
  • Continuity and consistency of supply
  • Speed to market at national and regional levels
  • Accurate and timely access to production information
  • Wide selection of organic produce
  • Global sourcing with members  located in key regions
  • Wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables


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